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What is the No Leak Skylight?

Skylights have long been associated with leaks, so it's no surprise that many homeowners considering skylights worry about them. VELUX has been working hard to tackle the challenge of skylight leaks head-on by creating the No Leak Skylight.

VELUX deck- and curb-mounted skylights are designated "The No Leak Skylights" because they feature three layers of water protection:

  1. The pre-attached deck seal (deck-mounted) or pre-attached gasket (curb-mounted), both of which provide a seal between the frame and roof for leak-proof installation.
  2. Underlayment, an adhesive secondary water protection against harsh weather conditions.
  3. Flashing for easy installation and primary water protection.

VELUX's No Leak Skylights also carry a 10-year installation warranty, 20-year glass warranty, 10-year product warranty, and 5-year blind and control warranty.

Additionally, VELUX made skylight installation as simple as possible to eliminate mistakes that can lead to leaks. Our skylights and flashing kits come with everything you need to ensure water won't get in after your skylight has been installed.