Do skylights improve health?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Skylights themselves may not be able to improve your health, but the elements they bring into your home can. When you install skylights in your home, you're really installing more daylight and fresh air. 

And, at VELUX, we believe in the restorative and transformative powers of natural light. With intentional spacing, your skylights can allow fresh air and daylight to circulate your home in a way that's beneficial to your health.

Increasing the amount of natural light and fresh air in your home can lead to

  • higher levels of Vitamin D, which strengthens bones and helps prevent certain cancers, heart disease, depression, and weight gain,
  • higher energy levels,
  • more restful sleep,
  • improved breathing and lung health, and
  • improved eye health.
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