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5 Steps to a Healthy Home

  1. Ensure good sleeping conditions - Good sleeping conditions require comfortable temperatures, 100% darkness, peace and quiet. When implemented, more than 50% feel they have more energy.
  2. Strive for comfortable temperatures - Comfortable indoor temperatures means a pleasant chill in the summer and a less than warm environment in the winter. 
  3. Let in fresh air - Fresh air is provided by windows and door openings. No airing doubles the risk of feeling tired and apathetic compared to 2-4 airings per day.
  4. Let in daylight - When daylight levels change from unsatisfactory to satisfactory, the amount of people feeling less energized drop from 37% to 21%.
  5. Avoid humidity - Avoid excessive humidity to reduce the risk of mold and fungus. Mold and fungus can lead to asthma and respiratory symptoms.